Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Last Goodbye of Harris Turner, A Spooky Giveaway

Today is the first of September, which I like to think of as the beginning of the spooky season. Nights are crisper, the moon is clearer, the trees more ominous. Soon we'll be wearing sweaters and sipping cider and swapping terrifying tales around the fire. Oh, we're not?  Well, we can imagine that we are. 

In order to celebrate the idea, if not the reality, of the September spooky season, which culminates in Halloween, I am offering my ghost story, The Last Goodbye of Harris Turner, for free for five (5) days on Kindle .

Cover art by Robert Williams
A word about the cover design by Robert Williams. The photo was taken of a recent blue moon, and a blue moon figures in this ghost story, which introduces the character of Cassidy James. 

Harris Turner is a little funny, a little sad, a little frightening, and inspired by a slight incident from my days as a young reporter on a small town newspaper. I was assigned to write a Halloween article on local ghosts in that small town and I met with several people who owned allegedly haunted homes. The most interesting tales involved a pair of brother and sister specters, Kingston and Grace.

Shortly after the piece appeared, an elderly gentleman came to my office wanting to know who had written the story. He had something to add. We had a nice chat and he told me he knew one of the ghosts. Rather, he'd known one of the people who had become a ghost. In fact, he and “King” had been old friends. He told me of the young man’s fatal illness and the days they would sneak away for a ride in the hills. He wondered if I thought he could get in touch with the deceased. “It sure would be nice to see King again,” he said. He seemed to think I was the one who could get them back together.

I don’t know if he ever made contact with King. In this lifetime anyway. But that conversation always stayed with me. It was the starting point of The Last Goodbye of Harris Turner. I hope you enjoy it. 

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  1. I have.
    I made contact withe King
    when I was a NDEr.
    Love ya...